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Company News

Inform Introduction

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Unexpected power problems can be very expensive and needs to be secured very professionally. Inform Electronic, one of the European leading power solution specialist, is established in 1980 with the aim of designing and building industrial electronic systems. Soon after, it diversified into the production, and marketing of standard professional electronic equipment, and special projects. 
The company always combine its experience with its innovative identity and is recognized by its worldwide technology leading character. Right business understanding of Inform makes the company one of the most wanted brands in the world, The Company has 27,500 m² closed production area, committed to the manufacturing of electrical products and electronic equipment. 
Analysing infrastructural conditions, and customer needs, the company decided to provide complete solutions. Inform product range varies from Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Systems, Voltage Regulators, to DC Power Supply, Telecom Equipments, Battery chargers, Invertors, 19’ rack cabinets and other electrical products and electronic equipment. 
Since its foundation, INFORM ELECTRONIC has based its strategy on three main policies: 
• Total Quality of its products and services,
• Tailored Solutions to specific customer needs,
• Customer satisfaction and happiness,
Inform is an official ISO certified company. The company has also Gost, Soncap, and CE certifications. All the Inform products are designed and produced with the worldwide quality understanding, and ISO rules. 
Inform believes that only the companies developing new products, and investing on new technologies may survive and grow. Inform product range is backed up by research and development centre, and is changing to suit the customer today and tomorrow needs. Inform is always developing and designing new products to meet the future challenge by rapidly integrating advanced technologies. Inform research and development team is built with experienced engineers and technicians specialist on their job. The company R&D team developed new generation of several UPS types controlled by Digital Signal processor DSP. The new generation, DSP controlled single phase UPS gained two rewards ; `Technology Innovation and Creativity Reward 2000` and `Biggest Technology Contribution Reward 2002` and three phase IGBT rectifier UPS gained `Technology Innovation and Creativity Reward 2005’. Inform is one step ahead of the technology. 
Apart from UPS Systems expertise, with the new investment, Inform focussed on research and development on DC Power Supply field as well. Inform is offering latest technology DC power Supply Systems and the quality and technology is proven with many critical installation in GSM field. 
The company has PCB assembling facility in an air-conditioned, specially prepared area for electro static sensible components. In addition to its automatic assembling SMD lines, the company has manual assembling lines for big components like transformers, coils, and connectors. Quality is the key point for Inform. All the finished PCB is controlled by microscope, and optic devices with laser. Inform Electronic has capacity of assembling 300 millions components per year. 
Inform machinery park shows great variety of machines giving to the company flexibility of standard and special product manufacturing as well. Computer controlled CNC machines, plastic injection machines, fully automatic painting machine, cable machines, transformer machines are some of them. Different from the other UPS manufacturers, Inform is able to produce every single part of its products in its premises; electronic boards, mechanical cases, plastic cases, cabling, transformers and many others. Final assembly and testing are done at Inform premises. This gives to Inform to control the quality every step of production. 
From consumer to industrial and defence grade, from customised to standard, Inform's products display a great variety. Producing Power Electronics solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, Inform is well equipped to deal with all types of engineering projects in accordance with customers’ needs and technical requirements. 
Inform designs can be adapted to a tailor-made specification due to our ability in manufacturing every single part of our own products. Whether it is the voltage, frequency and electrical installation standards, Inform provides its customers with complete solutions. Inform certified service team deliver 7 / 24 support including integration services, on-site preventive and corrective maintenance, service training. Drawing long experience in the power management field, the quality of products, and the way to care of customers are the proof of Inform development, and becoming worldwide brand. With a global vision and staying ahead of technology, Inform shall make every endeavour to keep its commitments to its staff, customers, and sub-contractors, trade associates. 
Its distribution network extends at five continents; from Europe to Asia, South America to Africa and Australia, demonstrating its adaptability to different markets and their conditions at around 75 countries. Inform became one of the leading companies and worldwide brand in its sector with the understanding of ` Uninterruptible Energy, Uninterruptible Solution, Uninterruptible Support. Inform your partner forever.


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