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Company News

Bestern Asia---Flexible Power Solutions Supply!

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Bestern Asia---Flexible Power Solutions Supply!
Medical Power Solutions:
The Medical Market requires varying levels of creepage, clearance, isolation and leakage current for patient vicinity applications within type B, BF and CF rated equipment. We offer the design flexibility to meet your requirements and we provide the long-term support required for today's medical applications
Industrial Power Solutions:
The Industrial Market requires rugged designs with high reliability to meet extreme demands. In hot or cold, clean air or gaseous environments, industrial products must be able to withstand electrical surges and sags in addition to shock and vibration. Our high efficiency products are designed and manufactured with the features and quality that ensure their successful operation in these harsh environments.
Telecom Power Solutions:
The Telecom Market requires power solutions that help systems excel in an evolving marketplace. Our high density / high efficiency power technologies allow us to deliver advanced power solutions that are tailored to fit an application. Our rapid time-to-market allows us to meet the small "opportunity windows" that are typical of this market and makes our products ideal for high volume applications with life spans that are typically only 2 to 3 years.


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