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Brand:Cosel | Click: | upload date: 2018-05-27
New DC-DC converter has been released, which is industrial standard 1"x1" inch (15W), 1"x2" inch (30W) and high efficient isolation type DC-DC converters. Main features are wide variety lineup include 2:1 input range (MG series) and 4:1 input range (MGF series), wide operation temperature range (-40 to +85 degC) and covered with metal case (6 sided shield). MG series can be used for many applications.
Product Lineup
  | MGFW15 | MGFW30 |
• Features
   • Industrial standard 1"X1" (MG15/MGF15), 1"X2" (MG30/MGF30)
   • Wide input range DC9-36V/DC18-76V (MGFS/MGFW)
   • I/O isolation voltage DC1,500V (1minute)
   • 6 sided shield
   • Built in input fuse
   • Built-in overcurrent protection circuits (recovers automatically)
   • Built-in overvoltage protection circuits (MG30/MGF30)
   • Built-in remote ON/OFF
   • Output voltage adjustability by external variable resister(MGS/MGFS)
   • High reliability : not built-in aluminum and tantalum electrolytic capacitor

• CE marking
   • Low Voltage Directive
• Safety agency approvals
   • UL60950-1, C-UL, EN60950-1
• 10-year warranty (Refer to Instruction Manual,section 12)
MGFW15 Series

MGFW30 Series

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